About the Book

Girl on the GangwayMy novel started out as a a book about cruising. Having done more than 200 press trips as a cruise writer, been just about everywhere, and enjoyed every minute of it, I thought I would do the selfless thing and pass on my enthusiasm. To men for a start — you see, women are the great cruise lovers. They want to see the world, and enjoy the good weather that usually comes with cruising, while they can. I maintain that women get more adventurous as they grow older, whereas men just get older.

Then I met a woman. Well, not quite, I was with other cruise writers on a ship and we saw this strikingly attractive woman in a picture hat. “Who’s that girl on the gangway?’ said a colleague.

We later learned that she was the wife of an American pilot shot down over Vietnam. He was MIA – missing in action. She was a woman with her life on hold.

When it came to writing my book, she had to be in it, and it is dedicated to that woman, and how I would have liked her journey to end.

Girl on the Gangway is available in both paperback and Kindle editions on Amazon, and through several other eBook retailers. For Amazon, we have provided the UK and US links. If you are in another country, just search for DC Wishart on your Amazon site or try the Barnes and Noble link below.
Barnes & Noble Worldwide

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